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Live Life with Full Attention - Week Four - HEART-MIND (CITTA)

Live Life with Full Attention - Week Four - HEART-MIND (CITTA)

Wednesday 19 July 2023 7pm – 9:15pm

Experience is mind-made
Everything that we experience, we experience through the mind - our relationships, our perceptions of the world around us, our work, our love life… everything we have ever known, or will know, is mediated by our mind.
The Buddhist word for mind is citta. When we use the word ‘mind’ in English, we usually mean ‘brain’ or ‘thought’. But citta includes the heart as well. States of mind - cittas - have a thinking component, an emotional component, an action component and an intuitive component. It is this mind - citta - that we are cultivating awareness of in the third of the Buddha’s four spheres of mindfulness. We’ll explore how to drop beneath thoughts and emotions in order to experience how these thoughts and emotions feel in the body. And we’ll use what we have learned in the last two weeks (awareness of the body and awareness of feelings) to develop a way of staying with whatever is happening - be it pleasant, unpleasant or neutral - with a sense of kindly awareness.  

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