Scarborough Group

Meditation and Buddhism in Scarborough

Mahasraddha, Karen and Rachel have moved to Scarborough to start a Scarborough Triratna Buddhist Group, and will be teaching meditation and an introduction to Buddhism in Scarborough. The next course begins on Sunday 20th March. 

We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a worldwide Buddhist movement with centres in over 20 countries, and, unlike many of the traditional Schools from the East, we practise a form of Buddhism that is very practical and more accessible to us in the West.  

We welcome everyone over 18. You don’t need to consider yourself a Buddhist or wish to become one. We are simply happy to share the Buddha’s teachings to help everyone lead happier, more fulfilled lives in this often turbulent world. No one receives any payment. We offer our classes freely as an act of generosity. 

In order to make our classes available to all, we do not charge.* However since we have no other income, we do rely on the generosity of those who use our Centre, for our continued existence. So if you are able to give a donation or take out a regular standing order, it would be appreciated very much indeed. 

*Except for a registration fee on some courses

Follow this link for details of the Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism course

About Mahasraddha, Karen and Rachel 

My name means ‘Great Faith’, a name given to me when I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1997. I was ordained whilst working as a research scientist before moving to Manchester to work full time at the Manchester Buddhist Centre.  

Apart from a period back in academia, I have continued to work full time for the Dharma taking on various roles and responsibilities, including teaching Buddhism and meditation both in the UK and beyond. I am deeply passionate about the Dharma (the Buddha’s teachings) and meditation as my life has been immeasurably and deeply enriched by both - I have also witnessed this in many other people's lives.  

Based on this enthusiasm and passion, and over 20 years of committed Buddhist practice, I am very excited to be part of a Team starting Buddhism and Meditation classes in Scarborough for its good folk and beyond.     

Really looking forward to developing a life in Scarborough (I’m actually a Brummie), including sea swimming and music performance. 

I came across Buddhism about 18 years ago, studying a module in Indian Religions at university.  I saw the Buddha’s Noble 8-fold path written up on the whiteboard, and knew immediately, without any doubt, that I had to find out more, and try to live following his teachings. Thus I have dived in with Triratna, going on retreats, attending several years of study, and immersing myself more and more over the years, and now training for ordination.  

I’m delighted to be living back in Yorkshire, after a recent 5 year spell across the Pennines in Manchester, where I worked for Breathworks (mindfulness organisation) based at the Manchester Buddhist Centre.  In Scarborough I am continuing to work (remotely) for Breathworks, as well as setting up practice as a Nutritional Therapist, and in both roles I hope to support people’s wellness, directly or indirectly.  And this same thing draws me to wanting to share the Dharma (Buddha’s teachings), and help people find out for themselves how Buddhism and Meditation can help us navigate our lives, particularly in these uncertain times.  
I’m very much enjoying working with Mahasraddha and Rachel as a little team, and really looking forward to meeting the people who will attend the classes we’ll be running in Scarborough in 2022.  
I’m also looking forward to playing table tennis as often as I can, and swimming in the sea, as well as getting out to explore the Moors and the Yorkshire Wolds. 

My name is Rachel. I discovered Buddhism around six years ago and learning to meditate has turned my life around.   
Meditation has helped me deal with my chronic health and has given me new tools to manage life going forwards in a kinder and more open way.    
I moved to Scarborough from Kent a year ago to be closer to family when my parents died.  I know that I wanted to be part of a new beginning in Scarborough, starting with friendships in my new community.  I know the people of North Yorkshire are a friendly and creative bunch  and I hope to share my experience of my Buddhist practice with anyone who has curiosity and a desire to discover the hidden gems within ourselves and within the Buddhist teachings.    
I have many interests, including sea swimming, crafting, photography and singing. I was thrilled to discover a hedgehog in my garden during lockdown.