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Change Your Life - Change the World

Our experience of the world is forever changing. Things can go well, and this makes us happy, joyful and content. But sometimes things can go less well and this can lead to sadness, disappointment, frustration and even anger. The Buddha called these ups and downs of life The Worldly Winds. And he taught a way of dealing with them that can lead to true peace and contentment – whatever might befall us in our lives. At York Buddhist Centre we are committed to passing on the Buddha's wisdom in ways that are accessible to people in the West. Our approach is practical and friendly. No one is expected 'to become a Buddhist' we are just very happy for you to join us and enjoy the benefits of what we teach.

A Friendly, Vibrant Community

A Friendly, Vibrant Community

We teach meditation and Buddhism at our centre at 17 Walmgate, York YO1 9TX. 

This is the hub of our friendly, thriving community: local people who are meditating together and exploring the Buddha's teaching on how to be truly happy in their lives.

York Buddhist Centre is part of the worldwide Triratna Buddhist Community which was founded in 1968 by Sangharakshita, an English Buddhist monk who spent 20 years in India absorbing the depth and breadth of the Buddhist teachings.

Unlike most Buddhist Schools, which practise in a very particular way, we teach from the whole of the Buddhist tradition which means that Triratna Buddhism is particularly accessible and effective for those of us in the West.

A Sustainable Buddhist Centre in the Heart of York

A Sustainable Buddhist Centre in the Heart of York

York Buddhist Centre

As a spiritual community we take our practice of ethics seriously, and the time has now come to respond to the need to extend this practice to include a global perspective: what we consume and buy has a direct effect on communities across the globe; what we do and how we live now has a direct effect on future generations. 
This Centre is therefore committed to the 10 Steps of the Triratna Sustainable Centre Scheme



Open to All

Open to All

We welcome everyone over 18. You don’t need to be a Buddhist. We are simply happy to share the Buddha’s teachings to help everyone lead happier, more fulfilled lives in this turbulent world. 

Access: There is one step up at the front door and we have a ramp for wheelchair access. Please contact us in advance if you have access issues:

We do not charge for any of our classes.* and no one at our centre is paid. However since we have no outside income, we do rely on the generosity of those who use our Centre, for our continued existence. So if you are able to give a donation it would be appreciated very much indeed. 

*Except for a small booking fee on some events

North-Eastern Women's GfR Day Retreat

North-Eastern Women's GfR Day Retreat

Sunday 28 January 2024 10:30am – 4pm

This is a day for Women in Newcastle, Scarborough, York and Leeds who have asked for ordination.

During the day we'll be exploring the Dasadhamma Sutta: Discourse on The Ten Dhammas. During the day we'll be exploring the Dasadhamma Sutta: Discourse on The Ten Dhammas. This will be a wonderful way to review our practice, to rejoice in ways we have changed and developed and to identify our next steps in taking our practice further?

Open to all North Eastern Women who have asked for ordination

Summer Sanghas Retreat at Adhisthana: Living With Kindness

Summer Sanghas Retreat at Adhisthana: Living With Kindness

Friday 30 August 2024 – Friday 6 September 2024

This is a 7-day residential retreat open to a number of Triratna sanghas. We have ten places allocated for this retreat where we will join with other sanghas but come together as the York sangha for group and study sessions.

This is a repeat of 2023's very enjoyable summer sanghas retreat and is open to all practising with the York sangha. Booking will be direct with Adhisthana when available, but for now you can express an interest by following the link below.

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Explore our Meditation Archive

Over 400 videos are available on demand from our Facebook page (click the video tab) or our YouTube Channel (just search for Triratna York). All the meditations are guided so they are suitable for everyone (even if you have never meditated before). Meditations include Body Awareness, Self-care, Giving and Receiving, Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving-Kindness for ourselves and others. So dive in and enjoy the wonderful benefits of regular meditation.