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Change Your Life - Change the World

Our experience of the world is forever changing. Things can go well, and this makes us happy, joyful and content. But sometimes things can go less well and this can lead to sadness, disappointment, frustration and even anger. The Buddha called these ups and downs of life The Worldly Winds. And he taught a way of dealing with them that can lead to true peace and contentment – whatever might befall us in our lives. At York Buddhist Centre we are committed to passing on the Buddha's wisdom in ways that are accessible to people in the West. Our approach is practical and friendly. No one is expected 'to become a Buddhist' we are just very happy for you to join us and enjoy the benefits of what we teach.




A Friendly, Vibrant Community

We teach meditation and Buddhism at our new centre at 17 Walmgate which is the hub of our friendly, thriving community: local people who are meditating together and exploring the Buddha's teaching on how to be truly happy in their lives.

We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a worldwide Buddhist movement with centres in over 20 countries. Unlike many of the traditional Schools from the East, we practise a form of Buddhism that is very practical and more accessible to us in the West. 


In the Heart of York

York Buddhist Centre

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Open to All

We welcome everyone over 18. You don’t need to consider yourself a Buddhist or wish to become one. We are simply happy to share the Buddha’s teachings to help everyone lead happier, more fulfilled lives in this often turbulent world. No one at York Buddhist Centre receives any payment. We offer our classes freely as an act of generosity.

In order to make our classes available to all, we do not charge.* However since we have no other income, we do rely on the generosity of those who use our Centre, for our continued existence. So if you are able to give a donation or take out a regular standing order, it would be appreciated very much indeed. 

*Except for a registration fee on some courses

Come and Join Us for Meditation at Buddhist Centre

Take a look at the video below :-)

Coming Soon -The 24 Hour Meditation Challenge

Coming Soon -The 24 Hour Meditation Challenge

Saturday 22 April – Sunday 23 April

For Peace - for Loving Kindness - For Tiratanaloka
There will be meditation at York Buddhist Centre for a full 24 hours from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd of April. You can join us at any point during the 24 hours and stay for as long as you wish - just a few minutes or a few hours or even 24 hours! Just drop in anytime to meditate or sign up at the Centre to being part of the support team for an hour or two. We particularly need people through the night.

Open to everyone for the whole 24 hours

Come Alive to Peace and Contentment In Your Life this Summer

Come Alive to Peace and Contentment In Your Life this Summer

At York Buddhist Centre, 17 Walmgate York Y01 9TX
We all want to be happy and content in our lives but, somehow, true and constant happiness seems to elude us. The Buddha discovered the reasons for this and dedicated his life to teaching others practical ways to deal with disappointment, anxiety, anger, fear and upset. His teachings worked and spread rapidly throughout the Eastern world. Now they are available in an accessible form in York at the York Buddhist Centre.

This Newcomers' Course is a practical, friendly and easy-going Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation and is open to all those over 18. The course is by donation but there is a £12 registration fee which includes a free course guide.

Are you interested in a Dream Workshop?

Are you interested in a Dream Workshop?

Monday 1 January 2024

Arthabhandhu has been in touch with us offering to run a day workshop on dreams at YBC. He has been doing this workshop at different centres for a couple of years and they have been going down well. The workshop is complementary to Triratna’s approach to Dharma practice and particularly helpful for helping people connect with myth and imagination in their practice. The workshop is also accessible to all levels of experience and to total newcomers.

Date to be decided depending on level of interest

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Explore our Meditation Archive

Over 400 videos are available on demand from our Facebook page (click the video tab) or our YouTube Channel (just search for Triratna York). All the meditations are guided so they are suitable for everyone (even if you have never meditated before). Meditations include Body Awareness, Self-care, Giving and Receiving, Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving-Kindness for ourselves and others. So dive in and enjoy the wonderful benefits of regular meditation.