Day Retreats and Residential Retreats

The Journey not the Destination

The Journey not the Destination

Sunday 24 March 10:30am – 4:30pm

Our tendency in the West is often to be very goal oriented. This may or may not have its benefits sometimes but, in the spiritual life, when we attach ourselves too ardently to a goal we are setting up a very big obstacle which actually prevents us getting there. During this day retreat, led by Shakyapada, we will be exploring and reflecting upon C. P. Cavafy's much-loved classic poem. There will be short talks, some meditation, periods of reflection and discussion. The day will end with a short devotional ritual.

Everyone over 18 who has a regular meditation practice is welcome. Please bring vegan food to share for lunch. Booking is essential as places are limited.

Gender Diverse Morning - An Introduction to Meditation

Gender Diverse Morning - An Introduction to Meditation

Sunday 7 April 10am – 12:30pm

This is a morning of guided meditations and social contact for anyone who considers themselves to be gender diverse and would like to know more about the benefits of meditation. “Gender Diverse” is an umbrella term to describe a variety of experiences someone may have in respect of their gender identity, expression, or understanding where it does not conform to the norms and stereotypes which others expect.

Participants do not need to have meditated before but regular meditators are very welcome too. The day will be led by Shakyapada Jenny Roberts who is an ordained Buddhist trans woman

Spring Sangha Retreat: The Three Myths of the Spiritual Life

Spring Sangha Retreat: The Three Myths of the Spiritual Life

Friday 17 May – Monday 20 May

Our Spring Sangha Retreat this year will be held at Adhisthana in Hereford, when we will be exploring the Three Myths of self-development, self-surrender and self-discovery together with talks, meditation, discussions and ritual. All members of the York and Scarborough sanghas are welcome on this very special retreat which will be led by Mahasraddha, Khemasuri and Taravandana.

You may book a place now with a deposit of £50 and pay the balance in April. Open to all in the York and Scarborough sanghas

Summer Sanghas Retreat at Adhisthana: Living With Kindness

Summer Sanghas Retreat at Adhisthana: Living With Kindness

Friday 30 August – Friday 6 September

This is a 7-day residential retreat open to a number of Triratna sanghas. We have ten places allocated for this retreat where we will join with other sanghas but come together as the York sangha for group and study sessions.

This is a repeat of 2023's very enjoyable summer sanghas retreat and is open to all practising with the York sangha. Booking will be direct with Adhisthana when available, but for now you can express an interest by following the link below.

Women+ Day Retreat at <b>Leeds</b>

Women+ Day Retreat at Leeds

Sunday 28 April 10am – 4pm

Women+ Mitra day retreat Leeds Buddhist centre on Sunday 28th April 10 till 4. Please bring lunch to share.

Karunagita is visiting from the North London Buddhist centre and will be leading the day. She ordained Akashadaya (women's mitra convener at Leeds in 2021. They have known each other for 25 years.

This Women's Mitra Day Retreat at Leeds Buddhist Centre will explore aspects of our lives and practice. The intention is to recognize the strengths we have and can rest in and in where we want to focus and make changes this year. Through reflection and activities, we will connect with ourselves, each other and what we value as Buddhists.

We will start the day with a meditation and end with a ritual.

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