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Refresh Your Mind: September Residential Weekend Retreat

Refresh Your Mind: September Residential Weekend Retreat

Friday 29 September 2023 – Monday 2 October 2023

Refresh Your Mind - Refresh Your Life

A weekend in the Meditation Playground - two days of exploring and deepening your meditation practice, with helpful mini-talks and guidance, plus discussion groups, optional practice reviews, comfy surroundings, good food.... and free time to enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Suitable for all levels of experience

This year our Sangha Retreat runs from 6.00pm on Friday 29th September to 3pm on Monday 2nd October. This means that we will have two relaxing and inspirational days together.

Although this is a meditation retreat, there will be other activities too such as short talks, chanting, ritual, together with opportunities to talk about your practice with others. There will also be practice reviews, for those who want them, with Shakyapada or Amalasara.

This is a wonderful way to go on retreat with sangha friends and it's perfect for first-timers. Tasty vegan food is provided, bedlinen is provided, and transport to and from the venue will be found for everyone. Camping is available too.

The retreat is held at the Beamsley Project near Skipton which is a beautifully converted church with spectacular views, situated near Skipton at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. 

We will share rooms on this retreat and, as part of the fun, everyone will help out in in a rota with the preparation and cooking of meals, plus clearing away afterwards (dishwasher provided!) 

This is a really important occasion for our sangha and we hope that as many of you as possible will join us for what promises to be a rich, relaxing and inspirational time.

Open to all over 18 who have a regular meditation practice

BOOKING: The cost is £110 which you are welcome to pay in two instalments (£50 on booking and £60 before the retreat) plus whatever you wish to donate at the end of the weekend.

"Sometimes when we meditate we may find blissful feelings arising spontaneously. These can range from mild pleasure and joy to almost overwhelming ecstasy; the experience can sometimes be so beautiful that we shed tears. We may blush, find our hair standing on end, or feel ‘goose pimples’. What is more, the ability to concentrate enters a completely new dimension of lucidity and calm. 

"In psychological terms, we are directly experiencing what is known in our system of meditation as the process of integration: somewhere, disparate parts are combining into a whole. In terms of ethics, this is a highly skilful (kusala) mind state; in terms of aesthetics, we are touched by the beauty of the imagination. In terms of spiritual progress, the meditator is able to let go hindrances and distractions and is beginning to enter a higher state of consciousness. These feelings are a typical beginning for the first of eight levels of dhyana enumerated by Buddhist tradition." Kamalashila (

Book Now: £110

There will be an appeal at the end of the retreat when we would appreciate a further donation of around £75 - or more or less according to what you can afford

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