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Punyamala explores the Female Buddha Mamaki

Punyamala explores the Female Buddha Mamaki

Sunday 5 February 2023 10am – 4pm

A day retreat with Punyamala focussing on the beautiful figure of Mamaki, she who makes everything in the universe her own. Come and find out what relevance Mamaki has for  your practice. She is the consort of Ratnasambhava and embodies generosity, abundance and  the wisdom of equality. During the day  Punyamala will explore these qualities and  the symbolism associated with Mamaki.  

The day will include meditation, discussion, reflection and puja.

This is part of our weekly exploration of the Five Prajnas, or five Female Buddhas which is happening on Sangha Night.

Punyamala was ordained by Sangharakshita in 1987. She is a private and  public preceptor who regularly leads the long ordination retreat at Akashavana. She is a founder member of the Sheffield Buddhist Centre,  and she has lived there for 30 years with her family and worked part-time as a clinical psychologist in the NHS.

Open to everyone who has attended an Introductory Class.

Places are limited so booking is essential. Click the link below.

There is a booking fee of £5 for the day. York Buddhist Centre has no outside income or support and no one is paid. So these classes are given  freely in a spirit of friendship. However we do have rent to pay and utilities and other running costs and we could not meet these without the generous support of those who use our centre. So, if you can, we ask you to also make a donation of £15-£20 (or whatever you can afford) either when you book or when you attend. This donation is entirely optional but it will help us enormously so please be as generous as you can.

Please bring vegan lunch to share.

Image of Mamaki: © Mumukshu, used here with permission. Cards available from York Buddhist Centre

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We would also appreciate a donation of £15-£20 on the day as York Buddhist Centre has no outside income and relies on donations from classes to keep going

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