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Parinirvana Evening

Parinirvana Evening

Wednesday 14 February 2024 7pm – 9:15pm

Tonight we take a break from our current theme to celebrate the Buddha’s final passing (Parinirvana) over two and a half thousand years ago. This is an opportunity to reflect on the Buddha's teachings about impermanence and the preciousness of our own lives. 
If you have lost a loved one in the last year please bring a photo of them, if you wish, to place on the shrine in remembrance

This evening will begin as usual with meditation and then, after a tea break, Shakyapada will give a short talk about the final days of the Buddha, after which there will be a Seven-Fold Puja (a devotional ritual) with readings from the Maha-parinibbana Sutta, a beautiful evocation of the Buddha’s final few days.

Although it is about death, Parinirvana celebrations are not morbid or depressing. In fact they are a joyful celebration of the Buddha's passing from his worldly body into full and perfect Enlightenment. His passing marks the moment when the earth shook and the Buddha became Enlightenment itself.

Everyone over 18 is welcome.

There is no charge for the evening but we ask for a small donation to cover our costs. We suggest £8-£10 but please give more, or less, to help sustain York Buddhist Centre.