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Magical, Mythical World of Buddhism

Magical, Mythical World of Buddhism

Monday 15 January 2024 7pm – 9pm

As the nights draw in we are turning our thoughts to the rich world of Buddhist myth, introducing four different mythical beings, and seeing how their qualities can help us to transform our lives. Over Christmas week we’ll be exploring their mythical qualities in meditation and in the New Year
we’ll be celebrating the returning of the Light in a special devotional ritual. 

Wednesday 29th November  Prajna Paramita - The Buddhist Goddess of Wisdom

Wednesday 6th December The Precious Guru Padmasambhava with special guest Parami

Wednesday 13th December Green Tara - the Bodhisattva of Compassion

Wednesday 20th December Kshitigarbha - the compassionate Bodhisattva of the hell realms

Wednesday 27th December Christmastide Practice Night - Exploring the Mythic in Meditation

Wednesday 3rd January The Returning of the Light - Turn of the Year Puja

There will be a meditation in the first half of each evening and then, after a tea break a talk and discussion about the particular mythic figure (see individual entries for more details