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Live Life with Full Attention -Week Three - MINDFULNESS OF FEELINGS (VEDANA)

Live Life with Full Attention -Week Three - MINDFULNESS OF FEELINGS (VEDANA)

Wednesday 12 July 2023 7pm – 9:15pm

What we can and cannot change
We usually assume that we will find happiness by accumulating pleasant experiences and avoiding unpleasant ones. This would be a brilliant strategy if we could control the world around us. But unfortunately we can’t do that. The world will not always act in the ways we want it to. And even when pleasurable experiences occur, they will come to an end. So, we are forever being blown around by what the Buddha called The Worldly Winds.
This week we will be exploring the Buddha’s second sphere of mindfulness - vedana: the pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feelings that arise in the body when we don’t get what we want - or when we get what we don’t want!   These feelings - vedana - come from our past conditioning and usually we try to ignore them and find a distraction, but, as we’ll see, if we are mindful of them, they can help us to open the door that leads to true and lasting happiness or contentment. 

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