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Live Life with Full Attention - Week Eight - MINDFULNESS OF REALITY

Live Life with Full Attention - Week Eight - MINDFULNESS OF REALITY

Wednesday 16 August 2023 7pm – 9:15pm

There are moments in life when a new kind of awareness seems to take us over. They might have been triggered by beauty: suddenly coming across an amazing and spectacular view, your first sight of the Taj Mahal, the indescribable spaciousness and stillness of a cathedral, the tranquillity of a forest or the feeling of deep connection when watching a sunset. These moments might arise after the death of a loved one when suddenly everything seems invested with new significance. It might even have been in the midst of pain.
This new kind of awareness, this other dimension, can be felt as profound calm, complete understanding and a deep sense of connection. 
All the above are momentary glimpses of a reality which we miss the rest of the time when our minds go back to focusing on our desires, worries, plans and other everyday concerns. These momentary glimpses can also go beyond a sense of ‘you’ or ‘me’ altogether. They are not ‘God’ or ‘oneness with nature’. This ‘new dimension’ is something else, something beyond our normal understanding, and, ultimately, it is what Buddhism seeks to cultivate.
In this final week we’ll be exploring this Reality, how we might experience it more and, ultimately, how we might in a sense become it.

Sorry, there is no longer a Zoom option. Please attend in person if you can.