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Kshitigarbha - Bodhisattva of the Hell Realms

Kshitigarbha - Bodhisattva of the Hell Realms

Wednesday 20 December 2023 7pm – 9:15pm

Unlike most Bodhisattvas in traditional Buddhism (who are dressed like Indian royalty), Kṣitigarbha is typically depicted with a shaven head, and is dressed in simple monk's robes. He is said to be prepared to accompany all beings into the Hell Realms in order to help them.

In his left hand, he holds a wish-fulfilling jewel or cintamani in his right hand, he holds a Khakkhara, a staff,  which is used to alert insects and small animals of his approach, so that he will not accidentally harm them. Like other bodhisattvas, Kṣitigarbha usually is seen standing on a lotus base, symbolizing his release from rebirth. Kṣitigarbha's face and head are also idealised, featuring the third eye, elongated ears and the other standard attributes of a buddha.

Tonight Shakyapada will be delving into the qualities of Ksitigarbha and exploring how his qualities can help us in our practice.