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Women Mitra's Day Retreat - Sorry this retreat is cancelled

Women Mitra's Day Retreat - Sorry this retreat is cancelled

Sunday 17 December 2023 10am – 4pm

The Three Myths of the Spiritual Life

A Day Retreat especially for Women mitras, led by Amalasara, exploring the Three Myths of Self Development, Self Discovery and Self Surrender. The programme will  help us to understand and explore our practice within the context of these Myths.

The three myths of the spiritual life: self development, self-surrender and self discovery offer us three paradigms to understand and explore our Buddhist practice. Do we understand our path to awakening as one of developing ourselves? Or can we simply have faith and surrender ourselves to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas? Or is our path discovering the Buddha within, our own ‘Buddha nature’?

During this day retreat for Women Mitras Amalasārā will introduce the three myths, and through discussion, exploration, meditation and ritual we will together illuminate how they are alive in our practice and offer us a way to insight and freedom. 

Please bring vegan food to share for lunch

Booking: We only charge a nominal £5 for booking, but we ask you to please make a donation when booking or on the day to help keep YBC open. We suggest £15-20 for this day retreat. YBC is a charity with no outside income and no one is paid.

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Amalasara   Led by Amalasara
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Your donations keep York Buddhist Centre open. Please donate an extra £15 to £20 if you can, either when booking or on the day.