Teachers of Enlightenment - A Day Retreat with Taravandana

Teachers of Enlightenment - A Day Retreat with Taravandana

Sunday 21 April 10:30am – 4pm

The Tree of Refuge and Respect

The Triratna Refuge Tree is a profoundly important and powerful image in Triratna practice, representing as it does our spiritual lineage, stretching back from Sangharakshita and his teachers-of-the-present through 2,500 years of Dharma practice to the historical Buddha himself. It includes teachers-of-the-past, mythical Bodhisattvas, arhants, the Buddha-of-past-times, our own Buddha and the Buddha-of-future-times. It signifies in one vibrant illustration how our practice today in the 21st Century came to be and how much we owe to all the practitioners of the past who have, generation by generation, handed down the teachings that we so value today.  

Taravandana will lead us in exploring this fascinating and inspiring Refuge Tree in order to discover more about the Lineages of Triratna and the Teachers who, throughout history, inform and inspire our Buddhist practice and our lives. We will also explore what we can most deeply rely on in terms of spiritually and respect. Our source of inspiration throughout the day will be this Tree of Refuge and Respect, an intriguing symbol, versions of which are found in many Buddhist Traditions.

All over 18 are welcome.  Please bring vegan food to share for lunch.

There is a small booking fee of £5 per person but otherwise the day is freely given. We would however appreciate an additional donation of around £15-£20 to help cover our costs. We are a charity funded by our users and no one is paid at YBC.

TO BOOK a place please follow the link below.


10.00 Arrive and refreshments

10.30 Welcome and introductions

10.45 Meditation

11.00 Our Lineages and Teachers through the Tree of Refuge and Respect

11.50 Break

12.05 Groups: Our responses to the talk

12.50 Lunch

14.00 Refuge and respect. What can we most deeply rely on? A Workshop

14.45 Break

15.00 3 Short Talks: Personal connections with the Tree of Refuge and Respect

16.00 Mantra and close


Book Now: £5

Apart from a £5 booking fee this day retreat is freely offered. However, we do have costs to cover, and an additional donation of £15 to £20 on the day would be very much appreciated.

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