Spring Sangha Retreat - Living in the Divine Abodes with Padmasimha and Pramudita

Spring Sangha Retreat - Living in the Divine Abodes with Padmasimha and Pramudita

Friday 11 March – Sunday 13 March

When we live with friendliness, compassion, joy, and equanimity the doorway to contentment is available right here, right now. In Buddhism, these four benevolent states of mind are called the brahma-viharas or Divine Abodes.

This set of four emotional states begins with Metta: the desire for the welfare and happiness of all beings (including ourselves) 

Karuna, compassion, arises when our metta meets the suffering of others. 

Mudita, appreciative joy, arises when we encounter other people's success and good fortune 

Upekkha, equanimity, arises  when metta, karuna and mudita encounter the ups and downs of samsara. Because we are infused with the the qualities of the brahma viharas, we cease to be blown around by the worldly winds. We are able to rest in a contentment that is connected, wise and compassionate, to whatever is arising

This is a residential weekend held at the Beamsley Project near Skipton and this year we are very fortunate to have two very experienced Order Members from Cardiff join us.  Padmasimha and Pramudita (who some of you will already know) will explore the Divine Abodes with us - particularly metta -  through meditation, talks and discussions. 

Sangha weekends are fun, with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. If you have not been on retreat before this is a very good way to experience what it is like. The Beamsley Centre is a very comfortable venue with delicious food and comfy beds. You will be expected share a room with like-minded people and help with some of the food preparation.                                                                                                                                                             

There will also be time to enjoy the beautiful countryside at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. The Beamsley Project is a converted Church with modern, comfortable accommodation and easy access. Tasty vegan food and board is included. All participants will be encouraged to help with small jobs such as food preparation and washing up etc,

This friendly and inspiring retreat is open to everyone who has been on one of our introductory courses.

Cost: There is a non-returnable booking fee of £75 plus whatever you wish to donate at the end of the weekend. 

Booking is essential, please book below

About Padmasimha

Padmasimha came across the Dharma in Manchester back in 1989, its emphasis on personal transformation as means to societal change being
particularly attractive to him. He moved to live and work at Padmaloka in 1993, and was Ordained in Guhyaloka in 1994. Padmasimha then moved to Cardiff to set up the yoga studio, living with Pramudita and Surana, and helping to run classes at the centre. Ever since then he has
been involved with the centre to a greater or lesser extent, and was Chair for about 10 years until he stepped down in 2018. He currently leads
a men's study group, and is helping Sagaradana to do the mitra convening. He is a private preceptor, and is particularly involved with the men's side of getting Ordained in Cardiff.

Padmasimha is very approachable and kind, as you might expect from someone who places positive emotion at the centre of his practice. 

About Pramudita
Pramudita comes from Brentwood, Essex. He first came across the Dharma in the early 80’s when, by chance, he attended a lecture by Sangharakshita called ‘The Taste of Freedom’, which, he says, ‘blew him away’. Eventually he moved to Norfolk and by the late 1980’s was doing the accounts at Padmaloka, the men’s retreat centre, where he lived for a time. After Ordination he moved to Cardiff with a friend and started what became the Cardiff Buddhist Centre in 1996 and he has been teaching there ever since. He’s been Chair, Mitra Convenor and Preceptor.

Pramudita loves people, smiles and laughs a lot and seems to have an inexhaustible store of irrepressible energy. His name means ‘joyful’… and indeed he is!

Book Now: £75

The cost of £75 pays for the cost of accommodation and food. We would appreciate a further donation at the end of the retreat to help us to continue reaching out to others