Going Deeper - What does it mean to become a mitra?

Going Deeper - What does it mean to become a mitra?

Sunday 9 June 10am – 1pm

This morning, led by Shakyapada, is an opportunity to consider taking your practice deeper by becoming a mitra. 

We'll be looking at what is involved and what it means to become a mitra: how you ask to be a mitra, the three undertakings, the ceremony itself, where you need to be in your practice, and how becoming a mitra opens up the door to three further years of the mitra study course and other special retreats at Triratna retreat centres.

There will be a talk on what becoming a mitra means, short talks from two mitras about their experience, and an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any doubts.

There will be no pressure at all to become a mitra - this is just an opportunity to see what is involved.

There will also be a short talk about asking for ordination, which is the next step on the path, though again this is simply for information and interest.

The programme will look something like this:

10.00 Arrive for coffee and cake or croissants
10.30 Short meditation
10.55 Talk - What is a mitra and why is it a means of deepening practice? 
11.20 Tea break
11.45 Two talks about their experience from sangha members who have become mitras 
12.10 Questions, answers and discussions
12.45 Mantra chanting and an opportunity to make an offering if you wish.
1.00  Finish

All over 18 welcome. Booking is essential (There is no booking fee)

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Although there is no charge for this event we would appreciate a donation of £5 - £10 to help cover our costs. Please be as generous as you can.