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Conditionality, Conversation and Change

Conditionality, Conversation and Change

Sunday 25 June 2023 10am – 4:30pm

Khemasuri and Jane from Sheffield Buddhist Centre  join us today for a special Day Retreat which has as a reference point ‘Work that Reconnects’ by Joanna Macey and will include meditation and ritual, talks and workshops.   

The Buddha taught conditionality, known in the scriptures as Pratitya Samutpada. This fundamental teaching tells us that the world is interconnected and in constant change and flux. 

When we communicate we reveal our personality and perspectives to whoever hears us. When we hold a conversation we change what happens next.
On this day retreat we will look at conditionality, how change happens, the ethics of speech and how our conversations could promote beneficial change.  

Open to all over 18. Please bring vegan food to share for lunch.

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Khemasuri   Led by Khemasuri
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This day retreat is freely given apart from the registration fee but we would appreciate a donation of £15-£20 on the day as York Buddhist Centre has no outside income and relies on donations from classes to keep going. Or you can donate whilst booking.

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