Vision of a Perfect Life - Introducing Buddhist Practice

Vision of a Perfect Life - Introducing Buddhist Practice

Wednesday Evenings from 10th January to 6th March - 7.00pm to 9.15pm

We are taking a break from this theme on Wednesday 14th February for a special evening celebrating Parinirvana day

Introducing The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path

Finding a sense of peace in this turbulent world is not easy. The Eightfold Path is a classic and practical  introduction to Buddhist thought and practice and a very comprehensive overview of the Buddhist life. If we commit ourselves to it fully, it can transform our lives and eventually take us all the way to Enlightenment!

Week by week we will be exploring each of the Buddha's branches of the Path and relating his guidance to our own lives through talks, discussion and reflection. Complete newcomers are very welcome as this is an excellent introduction to Buddhism, but this course will also help those who already have some experience to go deeper in their practice.

There will also be a guided meditation each evening - one which follows the breath and helps calm the mind and one which cultivates loving-kindness to ourselves and others.

Come whenever you can, each week is complete in its own right. 

Week One: 10th January - The Path of Vision - Seeing the potential in our life
Week Two: 17th January - Perfect Emotion - Cultivating a positive direction in our lives
Week Three: 24th January - Perfect Speech - Creating Harmony through the way we speak
Week Four: 31st January - Perfect Action - Being more ethical in our interaction with the world. 
Week Five: 7th February - Perfect Livelihood - Bringing our spiritual practice to our work

14th February is a Parinirvana Festival Evening

Week Six: 21st February - Perfect Effort - Guarding the gates of our minds
Week Seven: 28th - Perfect Awareness - Being fully present in the world and in our lives
Week Eight: 6th March - Perfect Meditation - Equanimity and contentment in our life

All over 18 Welcome. There is no need to book, just turn up

DONATIONS: If you can, we ask you to make a donation each week when you attend. We suggest £8 to £12 each week but please give what you can. York Buddhist Centre has no outside income or support and no one is paid. So these classes are given freely in a spirit of friendship. However it costs over £3500 per month to keep York Buddhist Centre open so we depend on the generous support of those who use our centre.