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Seven Weeks to Enlightenment - Week Four, The Jewelled House

Seven Weeks to Enlightenment - Week Four, The Jewelled House

Wednesday 1 May 2024 2:49pm – 8:49pm

The Buddha is said to have taken 7 weeks to become fully Enlightened, weeks which he spent meditating and reflecting under and around the Bodhi Tree. 

In this series we're joining the Buddha as he moves from his initial Awakening towards full and perfect Enlightenment. In doing so we'll meet a whole array of archetypal symbols which are represented in historical and semi-historical incidents. These symbols are not to be taken literally. They are not literally true but like all myth, they contain deep truths which can help us in our own lives.

This week the Buddha walks about twenty yards further out from where he was in Week 3 and sits and meditates deeply, really absorbing his experience so far. And as he meditates a host of devas gather around him and create a small house made of seven precious materials to shelter him. His state of mind is so deep that he has ceased to be in time and space. He is no longer restricted in the way we are - he is just constantly here, now, as part of everything that is arising, absorbing what it means to be Enlightened.

This evening Shakyapada will explore with us what this means and how we might begin to understand - at least on an intellectual level - what it means to be Enlightened.

All over 18 welcome. Newcomers are also very welcome too.

No need to book, just turn up.

The evening is freely given but we would very much appreciate a donation of £8-£12, or whatever you can give, to help cover our costs. York Buddhist Centre depends for its existence almost entirely on donations from those who use it. No one is paid at YBC. Please support us if you can.

Shakyapada   Led by Shakyapada