Seven Weeks to Enlightenment - Week Five, Under the Goatherd's Banyan Tree

Seven Weeks to Enlightenment - Week Five, Under the Goatherd's Banyan Tree

Wednesday 8th May - 7.00 pm to 9.15 pm

The Buddha is said to have taken 7 weeks to become fully Enlightened, weeks which he spent meditating and reflecting under and around the Bodhi Tree. 

In this series we're joining the Buddha as he moves from his initial Awakening towards full and perfect Enlightenment. In doing so we'll meet a whole array of archetypal symbols which are represented in historical and semi-historical incidents. These symbols are not to be taken literally. They are not literally true but like all myth, they contain deep truths which can help us in our own lives.

The Buddha is continuing to experience the deep bliss of Awakening in the shade of a large banyan tree when he is disturbed by someone who barges in on him - the first person he has encountered since Enlightenment. He is an arrogant Brahmin called Uhungajataka.  He tells Shakyamuni that, as a Brahmin, he is superior to all others.  The Buddha however takes issue with the man about his beliefs insisting that a true Brahmin is someone who practises the Dharma. It is about how you live your life, he insists - not how high your birth was in the caste system.

This conversation had important ramifications for the social order of north-eastern India at that time. This evening Shakyapada will explore the Buddha's important statement that anyone could be a Brahmin. This was revolutionary in his world and marked him out as a new radical force in this caste-ridden society because he accepted anyone as his disciple, regardless of birth, regardless of social status.

All over 18 welcome. Newcomers are also very welcome too.

No need to book, just turn up.

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