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New Sangha Night Theme - Exploring the

New Sangha Night Theme - Exploring the "Self"

The Buddha said that there are five components which come together in each moment to create what we think of as "me". These are called the five skandhas or the five aggregates or heaps: form, feeling, perception, volition and consciousness. The Buddha taught that there is no fixed "self" occupying these skandhas so understanding the skandhas is helpful to seeing through this illusion.

During these five weeks, Shakyapada, Amalasara and Mark will explore each of the five skandhas in relation to our own lives and our own idea of who we are.

Each week will include a meditation exploring each skandha

22 February: The Five Skandhas and Form - Shakyapada
1 March: Feeling - Mark
8 March: Perception - Amalasara
15 March: Volition - Shakyapada
29 March: Consciousness - Mark

Join us in person or on zoom.

All over 18 welcome.