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Live Life with Full Attention - Week Seven - OTHER PEOPLE

Live Life with Full Attention - Week Seven - OTHER PEOPLE

Wednesday 9 August 2023 7pm – 9:15pm

Love is the Awareness of another person.
Our lives are inextricably bound up with other people. Our parents and grandparents, teachers, work colleagues, lovers, friends and strangers all help to shape our lives. They shape our emotional attitudes, our beliefs and our positive or negative outlook. And everything we do affects other people. 
When we talk about ‘experience’, ‘life’ or ‘the world’ what we mean most of all is ‘people’. If we want to understand our life then, first, we need to understand and change our relationships with other people.
So tonight we’ll be looking at how much (or how little) we are mindful of others. How can we become less self-centred, the power of gratitude in life, cultivating true friendship, overcoming indifference and hatred. The positive benefits of forgiveness and the ease that arises from unconditional love of ourselves and others.

Sorry, there is no longer a Zoom option. Please attend in person if you can.