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Entering the Realm of Akasadhatesvari

Entering the Realm of Akasadhatesvari

Wednesday 1 February 2023 7pm – 9:15pm

At sangha night this January, and on a Day Retreat, we'll be introducing the Five Female Buddhas - The Five Prajnas. Each of them represents a particular quality of Awakening and each one is consort to one of the Five Jinas, who appear above the shrine in our centre. 

This evening Mark will be looking at the symbolism of Akasadhatesvari who is the consort of Vairocana.  She represents the element of space and the quality of the Dharmadatu (Absolute Reality). 

Week by week, we are exploring each of these Female Buddhas in turn - four of them on sangha nights. The fifth - Mamaki, who is very popular in Triratna - is the subject for Punyamala's Day Retreat on the 5th February. You can see more details of this Day Retreat and book a place here.

Everyone over 18 is very welcome.
There is no charge for any of our classes as we want everyone to be able to attend, regardless of means. However we rely on donations to pay all our substantial running costs. We would therefore appreciate a contribution if you are able. We suggest something like £5-£10 for Sangha Night, But please pay whatever you can manage.

Image Akasadhatesvari: © Mumukshu, used here with permission. Cards available from York Buddhist Centre