Day Retreat: Living in the Divine Abodes

Day Retreat: Living in the Divine Abodes

Saturday 27 August 10am – 4pm

Can you imagine how wonderful life would be if we were not constantly blown around and upset by life and other people. On this Day Retreat Shakyapada will explore, through teaching, discussion and meditation,  the Buddhist practices of love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Four sublime states of mind that help us meet the world (and other people!) with calmness, peace and positive states of mind.

We will begin at 10am with an opportunity to have a hot drink and meet others on this day retreat. After that the day will include guided meditations based on the traditional Divine Abodes (Brahma Viharas) of Love, Compassion, sympathetic Joy and Equanimity. There will be some teaching about each one and an opportunity to discuss any aspects of your own experience during the day:  particularly any questions, difficulties or concerns that you may have.

Please bring vegan lunch to share: This could be bread, margarine,  flavoured tofu, olives, vegan meat, humous, falafels, crisps, vegan cheese, cheese spread. salad, pasta or rice dishes etc without any animal products in them (including egg and dairy). All major supermarkets now carry a wide range of vegan products in a Vegan section of the store.

Cost: There is no charge for this day retreat, however we do ask you to make a donation of £15 to £20, or whatever you can manage. We are a charity, no one gets paid, and our income comes solely from your donations. Please give whatever seems appropriate and affordable..

Booking: Booking is essential, please click the link below to book.

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There is no set charge for this retreat but we would appreciate an optional donation of £15-£20