Vision and Transformation - Following the Buddhist Path

Vision and Transformation - Following the Buddhist Path

This Introductory Course offers a lively introduction to the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path, which represents a way of following a spiritual path in ever-more skillful ways. There will be an emphasis on simple experiential exercises that help create positive emotion and build connections between people. Complete newcomers are very welcome but this course is particularly useful for those who have already attended the 'Come Alive to Peace and Contentment' Course or have attended our sangha evenings.

The Noble Eightfold Path is a classic introduction to Buddhist thought and practice. Our Newcomers’ Courses focus on the Threefold path of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom. This Eightfold Path includes all elements of that but also much more, and it is also more comprehensive - in fact, if we commit ourselves to it, it can takes us all the way to Enlightenment!

Each week we will meditate together and then explore a different facet of this path:

Week One: The Four Noble Truths, the Unsatisfactoriness of our Lives (dukkha) and the Eightfold Path
This week we'll be looking at the Buddha's analysis of the human predicament and how this suffering or dukkha can be overcome through the twin Paths of Vision and Transformation

Week Two: Emotion, Ethics and Gratitude - cultivating a positive direction in our lives
Tonight we will explore what Buddhists call the Divine Abodes: Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Joy at others' good fortune and Equanimity. We'll see how by practising them we can transform our lives. This will be combined with a look at the benefits of cultivating  gratitude

Week Three: Exploring Emotion and Imagination - speaking the language of the depths
This week we'll be looking at Images, symbols and archetypes or myth and discovering how they are an intrinsic part of our lives, and how using them in our practice can help us to transform our lives.

Week Four: Right Speech - the gateway between our inner world and the outer world.
The way we speak has a powerful effect on other people and the world around us. This week we'll be exploring truthful and positive speech and seeing how it is an important aspect of transformation.

Week Five: Action and Livelihood - generosity and the contribution of work to our practice.
Ultimately Buddhism encourages us to see our lives as being about what we can contribute to the world, not what we can get for ourselves, so tonight we'll look at our approach to work and see how this might help or hinder us in our practice.

Week Six: Effort, Awareness and Meditation overcoming what holds us back and pleasure in meditation
Tonight we'll round of the Course with a look at the mental habits that hold us back in meditation and how to counter them. Then we'll look at the positive states of mind, or dhyanas that arise when these 'hindrances' abate.

BOOKING: The course itself is offered free of charge but there is a £12 booking fee which include a comprehensive 68 page guide to the course with a glossary of terms and a list of resources which you might find useful. To Book please follow the link below. You may pay by credit/debit card or PayPal

DONATIONS: York Buddhist Centre has no outside income or support and no one is paid. So these classes are given  freely in a spirit of friendship. However we do have rent to pay and utilities and other running costs and we could not meet these without the generous support of those who use our centre. So, if you can, we ask you to make a donation either when you book or each week when you attend. This donation is entirely optional but it will help us enormously. We suggest £8 to £12 each week but please give more or less according to your means.

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Apart from the registration fee, there is no charge for the course itself, but if you would like to offer any dana (donations) during the course, we would very much appreciate that as it helps us cover our costs.

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