The Path to True Contentment

The Path to True Contentment

This course looks at the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path - Eight essential qualities that we need to develop if we are to make progress along the Buddhist Path towards greater happiness, contentment and, ultimately, Awakening. The Buddha suggests helpful ways to cultivating these qualities in our day-to-day life. Once again this is a very practical course which is related to our lives right now and will include talks, discussions and reflection.

The eight qualities are: 

  • Right View - really understanding the Buddha's Key teaching.
  • Right Emotion - the transformation of our emotional nature.
  • Right Speech - the four fundamental qualities of skilful speech.
  • Right Action - Buddhist ethics: kindness, generosity, contentment, honesty and mindfulness.
  • Right Livelihood - how our job might be a help or a hindrance to practice.
  • Right Effort - observing our thoughts and refining our mental states.
  • Right Mindfulness - cultivating ever-deeper awareness.
  • Right Samadhi - the bliss of clarity of the higher consciousness.

Shakyapada and the team will lead us through two of these qualities every week and we'll explore ways in which we can develop them in own lives.

This course is suitable for everyone who has been on our Introductory Course.

N.B This course does not include meditation. If you wish to learn meditation as well, then you are welcome to join us at one of our meditation classes on Facebook or Youtube

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There is no charge for this course but we would appreciate a donation of whatever seems reasonable to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?


What should I wear?

You don't need any special clothing or equipment.

Do I need to be a Buddhist or wish to become one?

Absolutely not! Everyone is welcome and there is no pressure for you to practise in a set way or make any commitment at all, other than attending the course every week. Many of our regulars do not consider themselves to be Buddhists - they just find the teachings useful.

How much does the course cost?

It is free but we ask you to make a small donation of £5 per week if you can, as we have no income other than that which comes from those who use the Centre. However donations are entirely optional.

Is it okay to join on Week Two, or miss a class?

We would rather that you didn't as it does put you behind others. However, if you unavoidably miss a class, we will do all we can to help you catch up.

Are there any weird rituals?

No, this is a very practical course exploring how we can live our lives in a more peaceful and contented way.