Come Alive to Peace and Contentment in your Life in 2023

Come Alive to Peace and Contentment in your Life in 2023

At York Buddhist Centre, 17 Walmgate York YO1 9TX

Life is full of ups and downs like disappointment, anxiety, anger, fear and upset, which are usually caused by the changing nature of everything around us, including other people. However much we would like to be in control, we don't always get what we wish for - and sometimes we get what we most certainly don't wish for. The Buddha called all these ups and downs the Worldly Winds and he taught practical ways of dealing with them so that they no longer create unhappiness and dissatisfaction for us. Increasingly these teachings are helping many people in the West.

So we'll be looking closely at the Worldly Winds and how we can stand firm in our lives while they blow around us. To compliment the teaching we will also learn two meditations: The Mindfulness of Breathing which is an effective way to calm the mind and Metta Bhavana which helps us cultivate positive emotion or Loving Kindness for ourselves and others. These practices help us to create harmony rather than conflict in the world and in our own mental states.

Each week we will begin with a guided meditation practice and then, after a tea break we will introduce practical, down-to-earth teachings to help you transform your life.  There will be short workshops and an opportunity to ask questions and relate the teachings to your own experience. The atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly.

Each week the programme will include: 

Week One: The Buddha’s Journey and the Worldly Winds

Week Two: The Worldly Winds and the Cycle of Suffering

Week Three: Hindrances, Wheels, Spirals and the 'Gap'

Week Four: The Worldly Winds, Karma and Natural Ethics 

Week Five: Am I What I Think? How our Stories Create Suffering

Week Six: How Things Are Not as They Seem… and why it is important to see this

You don't have to be a Buddhist or wish to become a Buddhist to join this course. Our aim as a Buddhist Centre is to offer these practical down-to-earth teachings as a way for you to find greater contentment in your life, On our courses some people usually do join our community but many others simply take the teachings away with them.

BOOKING: The course itself is offered free of charge but there is a £15 booking fee which include a comprehensive 68 page guide to the course with a glossary of terms and a list of resources which you might find useful. To Book please follow the link below. You may pay by credit/debit card or PayPal

DONATIONS: York Buddhist Centre has no outside income or support and no one is paid. So these classes are given  freely in a spirit of friendship. However we do have rent to pay and utilities and other running costs and we could not meet these without the generous support of those who use our centre. So, if you can, we ask you to make a donation either when you book or each week when you attend. This donation is entirely optional but it will help us enormously. We suggest £8 to £12 each week but please give more or less according to your means.

Book Now: £15

Apart from the registration fee, there is no charge for the course itself, but if you would like to offer any dana (donations) during the course, we would very much appreciate that as it helps us cover our costs.

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