A Guide to the Buddhist Path

A Guide to the Buddhist Path

An Introduction for Newcomers * A Refresher for Regulars 

Join any week * No need to book, just turn up.

Wednesday Evenings through the Summer - 7.00 to 9.15 at 38 Gillygate York YO31 7EQ

We all want to be happy yet, however hard we try, true, lasting happiness seems to evade us. The Buddha noticed this 2,500 years ago and realized that the pursuit of happiness itself was the problem. This chasing after happiness actually contributes to our dissatisfaction because, try as we may, true, lasting happiness always lies just beyond our grasp.

The Buddha realized that the way to true and lasting happiness lay in letting go of our habit of chasing after pleasant things and trying to avoid unpleasant ones. This chasing after and avoiding seems like a sensible strategy. But we can't really control the world this way. The pleasant experience is going to end and then we need to find the next pleasurable experience. And the unpleasant experiences cannot always be avoided. Some of them - the weather, sickness, loss, death and other people, for example - are going to happen whether we like it or not.

The Buddha realized that the way to being completely happy in this world involves being in harmony with the world and other people. Seeing and letting go of the habits which cause us upset in our lives, having a deep sense of kindness to ourselves and others and adopting a sense of acceptance to the ups and downs of life.

Week by week we will look at the Buddha's very practical teaching on how to be truly happy. There will also be a guided meditation each week.

This is a refresher for our regular community and a comprehensive guide to Buddhist practice for newcomers. 


You do not need to attend every week but it would be helpful for you to attend as many weeks as you can.

There is no charge and everyone over 18 is welcome. We would appreciate a small donation of £5-£10  each week to help cover our building costs.

Programme (all Wednesday Evenings 7.00pm to 9.15pm)

1st June - The Four Reminders - Why Buddhist practice is so important in our lives

This week we reflect on what is really important in our lives and explore a set of reflections from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition called ‘The Four Reminders’. These help us to make the most of our lives and include a number of important Buddhist themes such as the preciousness of our lives, impermanence, karma, and suffering. 

8th June - Karma and Living Life Skilfully

The practice of ethics feels good - and right. It helps us to feel more settled, less self-centred and more connected with the world. It is a radical practice that is life-enhancing for us and for others who have contact with us. Tonight we'll be looking at the Buddha's Five Precepts and his encouragement for us to be kind, generous, contented, honest and mindful. 

15th June - The Impact of Work on our Lives - how to make work part of our practice

Work takes up a great deal of our lives so it is important that it is enjoyable and life affirming. Tonight we will explore how the way we approach work can help us to transform our lives and see how we can bring our spiritual practice to our working hours

22nd June - Sailing the Worldy Winds -  Living with the ups and downs of daily life

The Buddha said that the ups and downs of life are like the Worldly Winds - blowing us around from happiness to sadness, from joy to dissatisfaction. And he taught a way to stay firm and grounded, happy and equanimous with whatever life throws at us. Tonight we'll be looking at each of the Worldly Winds and exploring how we can deal with our response to them.

29th June - Friendship - The mystery and joy of friendship

Friendship is particularly important in the Triratna Community (you may have noticed the friendliness in our centre). We believe that good, honest and kind friendship can make such a difference to our lives. Tonight we will look at Spiritual Friendship in particular: What is it? And how does it work?

6th July - The Mythic Context - Buddhist myth and devotional practice

The historical Buddha is well known but there are many other Buddhas in Buddhist practice. These are mythic or archetypal Buddhas and are mythical rather than real. Each of them represents some quality of the historical Buddha - or, more accurately, some quality of the awakened mind.

13th July - Special Event - Kate, a member of our sangha, departs for her Ordination retreat. Meditation, a short talk on what Ordination means and a puja (Buddhist ritual)

20th July - Wisdom Week 1 - The reflective life

27th July - Wisdom Week 2 - The Buddhist vision of existence

3rd August - Compassion - The kind heart of Buddhism

10th August - Death and Rebirth - What happens next

16th August (Tue) - Special event when Kate returns as an Order member. Meditation plus a talk.

24th August - Following the Path - Coming Home

31st August - An evening of meditation and Buddhist ritual (puja)

You do not need to attend every week but it would be helpful for you to attend as many weeks as you can.

There is no charge and everyone over 18 is welcome. We would appreciate a small donation of £5-£10  each week to help cover our building costs.

If you are new to Wednesday Evenings you can book your place here 

This course is based on the book ‘Tools for Living Your Life’ by Vajragupta. In which, Vajragupta gives clear explanations of Buddhist teachings and guidance on how to apply these to enrich our busy and complex lives. A perfect guide for those seeking a meaningful spiritual path while living in the modern world. Available to buy in our Centre for £12.99

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